About us

Founder - Jaroslav SimandlThe founder of the company was a motorcycle racer Jaroslav Simandl, who had moved his tool workshop from the borderland to Divišov in 1948. At the requests of his fellow riders, with whom he raced in 1949 in England in the Six Days motorcycle race, he started making spare parts for JAP engines in his workshop. Great interest in the parts sparked off Jaroslav Simandl’s project to build his first complete JAP engine.

The first engine design was made in 1950it was the S 45, later called ESO. The engines soon began to be mounted into frames of the company’s own making,and the production of complete ESO motorcycles was launchedAlongside speedway motorcycles Divišov companyalso made motorcycles for motocross and road racing.

In 1963 Divišov plant 
had been included into group JAWA Týnec nad Sázavou.The motorcycles were then manufactured under the trademark JAWA. Divišov machines thanks to their modern designachieved great success throughout the world.Riders Briggs, Mauger and Olsen brought this trademark the most renown in the 60’s and early 80’s.

After the Velvet revolution in 1989, the company left the group JAWA Týnec nad Sázavouand became a separate corporation. In 1994 the company was privatized.

JAWA Divišov OJSCis now one of the few surviving branches and significantly shifts the technological development in the speedway world. Itbecame the most successful brand in the 75 years of history ofspeedway racing.

Today Jawa 
Divišov still develops and produces successful motorcycles and engines for short, long, grass and ice speedway. The dealer network JRM sells more than 90 percent of its production to 24 countries on five continents.

We recently bought Jawa Divišov in bankruptcy, discharged of debt by court. So far, we are launching production under the brand JRM. If you have any questions, requests or orders, please contact us at the email address sales@jawa.cz. We will be happy to oblige.